Weekly Bloggers Link Up: Meal Plan Monday With The Life Of Dee!

So the lovely Denise (also an Aberdeen blogger who I have gotten to know recently) has started a new link up on her blog, The Life of Dee : this is the third week I believe, in which she is sharing her weekly dinner* meal plan and encouraging other bloggers to share theirs, too. It's called "Meal Plan Monday".

I think it’s a great idea, I do sometimes feel depleted when it comes to thinking up new things to cook. I must admit planning out a whole week’s menu in advance is not something I actually know how to do, so you are going to have to forgive me as I only know a few things I am making this week. The other ones I am going to substitute with things I made last week just to give out an idea of what we eat. I do a big online shop twice a month, which means I sort of know what I’m doing for a few days after that, but then I kind of make it up as I go along after that with little top up shops.

SO anyway, this is my “meal plan”, I hope it is good for ideas anyway, and please feel free to join in with Denise’s link up if you want to share and read more ideas for food, glorious food. :-). Denise is gluten free as well for anyone looking for gluten free recipe inspiration.

Monday: Pasta with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and feta. I tried this last week for the first time and it was yummy. If you want to jazz it up with garlic, chili, etc. go nuts but I’m feeling very simple summer pasta dishes at the moment.

Pasta with asparagus, tomatoes and feta (I swear there is feta in there, it kind of disappeared in the pic!)

Tuesday:  Barbecue chicken breasts (I am using these cook in paper things I discovered recently). The paper seasons it, dry cook in pan and it comes out really juicy considering there is no oil. Serving with homemade potato salad and kale.

Wednesday: Jambalaya (I admit I nabbed this idea from Denise last week!). Ok So I’ve never made Jambalaya before, but I figure it can’t be any trickier than risotto or paella? I bought some long grain rice with wild rice mixed through to give it that authentic Cajun style. I think I will try this recipe, wish me luck!

Thursday:  Lamb Chops…with potatoes or couscous and salad …I don’t get super creative with lamb chops I admit, we like them quite plain/no mint sauce or any of that jazz.

Friday:  Homemade burgers made with lean beef mince, probably oven chips too (!). I am usually quite lazy on a Friday when it comes to cooking!

This is what I normally put in beef burgers:
Lean Mince
Worcestershire sauce
Lightly cooked onion
Tsp of English mustard
Salt & pepper to taste

Saturday:  I'm not going to lie to you good people, it's usually a takeaway or pizza or something I really probably shouldn't be eating!

Sunday: Um...that could be anything from roast chicken (sometimes from M&S shhh!) to something else, usually fairly simple. We (*cough* me! ;-0) aren't big Sunday roast dinner people. For one, there's only two of us, for another Sunday is the day of rest, I don't understand this British obsession with slaving over a hot stove all day ;-0. Often on Sundays we'll have a wander to the shops and pick up something easy. 

SO there it is…to be honest, I would probably try not to do red meat two nights in a row normally, this menu is a little meat heavy for what we would usually eat. The meals I tend to get more creative with are pasta because we do tend to eat veggie when we have pasta, but I didn’t want to do two pasta dishes in one menu.

Don't forget to check out Denise’s menu and link up if you want to read or share some food planning inspiration!

* I mean "tea"...or supper, as they call dinner in the U.K. They call lunch dinner here, depending what region of Scotland you are in  - it's very complex! ;-0


  1. Gah, the whole supper/dinner/lunch/tea thing is so confusing! I will stick with breakfast/lunch/dinner, ha.

    I like the idea of this link up! I always like seeing what other people are making in their own kitchens. I don't think the big Sunday dinner has been a thing here since maybe the 50's...

    Normally I don't have all the days planned, but this week I'm making:
    shrimp fried rice
    barley soup
    pasta bolognese
    buffalo chicken salad with garlic bread
    steak and mushrooms with brussel sprouts

    1. Hi Heather, please feel free to join in with the link up. It's a bit echoey in there at the moment as it's just Steff and I, so the more the merrier :) Also the shrimp fried rice sounds really tasty xx

    2. I second Denise's request for shrimp fried rice recipe, hope you get a chance to join in too! Also buffalo chicken salad would be a great idea for U.K. bloggers, we don't really have buffalo chicken here I don't think?!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up Steff :)! Your menu looks so good, the asparagus in pasta is something I've never thought about but that dish really looks yummy! At least you are attempting Jambalya, mine came from M&S so if it works out well please share the recipe. Oh and I call it breakfast/dinner/tea but for blog purposes it's breakfast/lunch/dinner so people know what meal I'm talking about :D xx

    The Life of Dee

    1. Thanks Denise! I also forgot about the extra "supper" - not sure if it's just a Northern thing but some people I know have like a light snack a few hours after dinner and call that supper?! In out hease it's breakfast, lunch and tea. Sometimes David says dinner for lunch but I've mostly trained that out of him lol! USA USA lol.

  3. Bravo! Cooking is so frustrating and the planning and...kudos to you.