2016 Can Stop Now Please: Anton Yelchin Tribute

I didn't do a Sunday Confessions last week because of the tragic events in Orlando.

I was going to do one today, and then Anton Yelchin passed away, horribly young and so so sadly premature for such a uniquely authentic spark of talent in the acting world. Obviously I can't control world events, blogging life must go on, but I am just feeling sucker punched with sadness right now.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I was a Yelchin superfan, but I was a fan of all of his work that I saw, and I had a teeny tiny crush on him at one point I admit, and it was a little weird because it struck me why when I realized he looked quite a lot like my husband when he was younger. Which I know sounds weird, but I did see a resemblance where something very intrinsic about him reminded me of my one and only. And that sort of naturally endeared him to me.

I loved him in Fright Night and of course Star Trek, but I also enjoyed his indie work in films like Alpha Dogs and Charlie Bartlett. He was a real actor's actor, he simply did his best to inhabit his characters without ever going overboard on external affectations.

He seemed like a real person in whatever he was in, which is why I think there is a somewhat surprisingly large internet reaction to his passing. From his early days as a child actor, he made that rare transition into being an understated and driven artist as an adult.You felt like you knew him, like he was revealing something of himself, in everything he did.

He carved out a unique career, working with indie director gods like Jim Jarmusch amongst others, always seeming a bit more of a true cinema geek than is common in young actors. People who worked with him from every small interaction have nothing but kind words of what a good egg he was.

I read various interviews with him over the years that indicated he would be a real creative force as he matured. He was a musician and talented photographer, and he was clever and curious about the world. It feels like he was just getting started. Life is so precious. I only wish we didn't keep getting so many reminders this year.



  1. Oh my goodness, they DO look alike, don't they?! I had never twigged. I did think of you when I heard, though, because I remember your (allegedly) "teeny tiny" crush.

    1. I KNOW right?! I think it's so, so sad. He was lined up to play the baddie in the adaptation of Stephen King's Mr.Mercedes, as well. The whole thing is just awful and tragic. :-(