Sunday Confessions

I confess: It's been a week of small irritants, and rather than taking deep breathes and blue sky thinking I have been sweating the small stuff and getting grumpy that Mercury Retrograde (or the universe, whatever!) made a really weird, nothing going right type depressing birthday month for me. And it makes me grumpy that I'm grumpy about stupid stuff, because generally I'm pretty content/don't ask for much in life I don't think.

I confess: I'm pretty sure a puppy would make everything better right now. Except I can't have one, and that sucks. But you know, if someone wants to send me a puppy, I'd like one of these, thanks!

I confess: I had a weird dream (ok a romantical dream) about Aziz Ansari. Which...I mean, I know it's just because I'm watching too much Parks& Rec, I'm pretty sure I don't fancy him, not that he's not adorable and hilarious's weird when that happens though (you dream about someone your conscious mind doesn't naturally put "in that box").

So yeah, thanks Mr. time maybe a little bit more Johnny Depp 20 years ago? (no offense to any Aziz fangirls, he's totally cute, just ;-0).


  1. Sometimes I think a bunch of small annoyances is almost worse than one big annoyance, because you do feel silly being annoyed at things that seem insignificant. And being annoyed at being annoyed, ugh. Ha.

  2. Aziz Ansari is funny and cute enough, but I don't have him in that box, either. However - if I watch a lot of Scrubs reruns, I end up having sexy dreams about John C. McGinley - but in my sexy dreams, he's Dr. Cox, so I'm really having sexy dreams about Dr. Cox.
    Sorry you had a crap-ola birthday month. :( That sucks because I feel like even though a birthday is technically only one day, when the whole month is a wash, it kind of wipes out that day and you (well, I) end up feeling cheated and while certainly the whole month can't be a celebration, it should at least be a good month, anyway.
    Here's to better days.

    1. Ha, there is no shame in Dr.Cox, he is the best! I think November and December were just really good months, so something had to give! I don't even know what I'm whining about either, it really is just stupid, inconsequential type stuff that is bugging me, which itself bugs me because usually I can jar myself out of such self pity but I seem unable to in recent weeks which makes me mad/more frustrated. Anyway here's to February, right? :-)