Yankee Candle Haul

It's funny (ok not funny ha ha) but when I first moved to the U.K. finding Yankee Candles was surprisingly (to an American, where Yankee is everywhere) tricky. I eventually found some great outlets online for my habit, which I have found impossible to kick over the years. Oh sure, there are other brands around, your Colonial, your Woodwick, etc., but none of them give that intense hit of fragrance that Yankee does. There are now a plethora of places in my town where I can go for a fix - from card and gift shops to an actual freaking Yankee Candle store, something I never thought I would see. Except, just between you and me, I hardly ever shop there. Other than when I need a gift or a few wax tarts to tide me over, I mostly order my Yankee Candles online. There are a handful of online shops that sell them, I used to favor one but the past couple of years I've stuck mainly with yankee.co.uk. They ship promptly, items are always well packaged and the bargains are decent.

I actually went to college near to where the original Yankee Candle Company is in South Deerfield, Mass., and you could go to the massive country store style shop (it had this awesome winter wonderland at Christmas) and watch candles being made, it was pretty neat. So my fondness for the brand goes way back.

Not that there haven't been a few bumps along the road. I won't be the first person to say that the quality and scent "throw" of some of the jar candles has been hit and miss in the past few years. I had a couple of outright duds, which just refused to burn evenly and tunneled badly or had no "throw". I have mostly switched to the wax tarts, which are pretty universally reliable, so it was with some hesitance that I did order two medium jars in this last order.

I couldn't resist this months' fragrances of the month, as I love them both.

Home Sweet Home is a classic, warm cinnamon fragrance that has been around as long as I can remember. It just smells like autumn to me, and I love it. It's not as strong as the Sweet Cinnamon but that's what I like about it, you can smell it but it doesn't knock you out either.

Fireside Treats is more of an unusual one for me: I don't usually go in for the sweet/ foody scents, but this one is just a little bit different. It is sweet and marshmallow-y, yes, but also the "Fireside" element is there, grounding it and keeping it from being cloying. It's really cozy and lovely smelling, it makes me want to wear sweaters and eat popcorn and watch Bridget Jones' Diary! It is not the strongest scent, in a large room you might need two or maybe a tart going too but it is also really good at getting rid of cooking smells or fine for smaller rooms/as a "daytime burn" (erm I totally learned that phrase from watching QVC Yankee Candle shows! They crack me up).

I have been on full alert with getting these to burn evenly, and I have to say I'm not confident they would have had I not used the tin foil trick, where you wrap tin foil around the rim - in some cases it doesn't work but so far with these it has worked for me so long as I burn the candles for around 4 hours or so (Yankee also sell these Illuma lid things but it irks me to pay them more money to get a candle to burn properly). I do think these candles are better than some others I have had but I'm still not convinced they're what they were. Please sort it out Yankee, how many people have to complain before you fix this issue?

So anyway, on to the tarts!

  The two on the right are this year's Christmas scents. They didn't have the other two in stock, Berry Trifle and Winter Glow.

These tarts, aside from the top three came as a "Fresh" bundle, where you order a bunch of tarts by scent category/it's a surprise what you get.

I won't be reviewing all of the tarts today because I haven't burned them all yet! But here are my thoughts on the ones I have melted!

Beach Flowers: A nice floral scent. More boudoir than whole house, unless you like the smell of flowers everywhere which I don't. It doesn't smell remotely "beachy" to me though, I think of jasmine, tropical or oceanic scents when I think of the beach, this one smells more like a pretty spring bouquet.

Soft Blanket: A tried and tested baby powder/laundry scent,  I think it's sweeter and more calming than Clean Cotton personally.

Cosy By The Fire: I'm glad I got two of these tarts, this is such a great scent. It' crisply autumnal, more of a dried leaves/spicy earthy autumnal scent. But also slightly sweet? A lovely and strong but not overpowering scent "throw".

Bundle Up: It's green, and it's supposed to be a holiday/Christmas scent...so WHY DOESN'T IT SMELL LIKE CHRISTMAS TREES?! Sorry to shout! It's doesn't remind me of winter or Christmas at all. It's kind of vaguely autumnal? I don't even know how to describe it it's so blah, basically it's not my favourite! Now I am going to have to hunt down some tarts that smell like actual Christmas.

Oud Oasis: Ooh this I do like! It's sweet but spicy, very earthy. Moroccan kasbah/ incense smelling. Maybe too heady for some.

Angel's Wings: It's pretty, it's kind of a floral meets Soft Blanket smell. Like Angel perfume but not quite as heady.

Wild Sea Grass: Very potent/grassy. I probably would not have picked this tart sensing it would irritate my asthma/allergies, and I was right! Achoo!

So how about you, are there any other Yankee Candle fans out there? Am I missing out on any other good scented candle ranges? I am an addict, any recommendations appreciated!


  1. I am so hit or miss with their candles. Like you said, some are fantastic. . .others not so much. That Fireside Treats looks pretty amazing. Might have to grab that one!

  2. Hi Steff - happy Capricorn twin! The earthy scents should be us ... but I love the blog title deep greens and blues ... fun and always remind me of the sea, or bejewelled items. Coming over via Terry. I'm not a great candle fan ... but did buy some last year for one of my god-daughters and ended up with some that didn't get given away - this year perhaps. They were more rose-scented ...

    I was given some teas one year ... and they had Christmas on them ... the whole did smell of mince pies and I wondered why my flat smelt of them all the time - I couldn't fathom it out ... but I did love that scent - I was sad to use them!

    Cheers and good luck finding more of your Yankee Candles ... seems like you've covered rather a lot ... Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary thanks for stopping by! I am drawn to more earthy scents generally, must be a Cap thing!

  3. Do you watch Scream Queens? There is a character on there that LOVES candles, this post made me think of that :)
    My husband has just recently let me light some candles, he is scared the cats are going to knock them down and start a fire. Which is a valid fear, those things are little demons ;) I'm the opposite of you, the more it smells like sugar the more I love it! I don't know if I've ever been in a Yankee Candle store though?

    1. Ha! I saw it in a marathon in America for the first time - I would probably freak at someone only burning a Diptyque candle once too! I am mainly obsessed with keeping my apt. smelling nice/not like anything I've cooked etc. But the tars do get pretty addictive with the sheer variety.They sell electric tart warmers now, so no fire (but hot wax if it got knocked over). If you like sugar you would like their vanilla/cupcake ones, they are pretty good smelling to me and I don't generally like overly sweet ones. I know they sell them in other shops like T.J. Maxx and Bealls where my Mom lives (think Bealls is a southern thing, but like, any independent type dept. store.