Link Love: Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now!

Hello! Well here we are in August, though it feels a bit more like April in Scotland at the moment! But I still have that August feeling "Summer's almost over, but fall's not here yet, in between seasons blah  blah, no inspiration to blog about fashion or anything fun!"

Luckily, some other bloggers are coming up with fun reads that are way more inspiring than my drivel, so I thought I would show some link love and share some blogs I am enjoying reading while procrastinating writing anything!

First up I would like to thank the bloggers I nominated for the Liebster Award doohickey for taking up the challenge and writing some amazing posts, and Heather at It's Like A Potato took the religion question and made a whole other post about it which I thought was awesome! So thanks Becky (United States of Becky), Heather (It's Like A Potato) and Elinor (Retrogirl) (Liebster posts linked!) for taking the time to do it! xo

I am finally getting more into finding blogs I like with BlogLovin' - I'll admit I stumbled on many of them just by dumb luck/weeding through quite a few others. I sometimes find Bloglovin' a bit vast for finding blogs I can relate to - not that there aren't lots of awesome blogs that just aren't my bag, but it's tricky in such a huge field of blogs to find that one little wildflower that piques your interest! At any rate here are a couple I am skipping to regularly now....

I have only recently discovered, a literary lifestyle blog by Amy. I particularly enjoy her thoughts on writing - like this post on procrastinating writing (ahem!). She has a wealth of great posts about writing, what it means to be a writer, etc., that make me go "Hmmm...yes!" Her blog also has lots of lovely travel posts and book reviews.

I am loving, a (primarily but also lots of other helpful blogging tips and other misc.) fashion blog by twentysomething Hannah. I'm not going to lie, I feel a little weird reading a fashion blog by a twentysomething, given my decrepitude(!), but Hannah's exuberance and love of fashion is beyond infectious. Most of her outfits are high street as well, which is more relatable for my budget than a  lot of fashion blogs. Her style is fun fearless, and inventive, and she writes about clothes with great personality, as if they have a life of their own, which I really enjoy!

One of my other favourite fashion blogs, Not Dressed As Lamb, is running a really fun social media campaign this month, where Catherine is encouraging women to "wear what I like" in defiance of those numerous stupid lists we read about what we are no longer "allowed" or "supposed" to wear (Grrr!) once we hit a certain age. Each day of August has a different thing we are not "supposed" to wear, so you can pick and choose what appeals to you - she's aiming the hashtag  primarily at Instagram, and I'm an Instagram phobe, but I do think things like this are inspiring, so I might get over myself and put up some pics if anyone else wants to join in. Her post on how to take part is here: "I will wear what I like" I admit I'm not keen on the crop top option but I may just wade into the leopard print fray!

I can't save your header Sarah, hope is ok I used this pic! I need this t shirt!

Sarah of sarahrooftops is continuing to knock it out of the park when it comes to posting eloquent pieces about life as a new Mum - now hands up, I am not her target audience for these posts, but she cleverly puts up adorable pics of sleepy Matilda in a Batman tee shirt (CLICK ON IT! SLEEPING BABY CUTENESS!) that I for one can't resist. And then she goes and writes posts about life with a baby that are refreshing and honest and address the sorts of things that even I as a non-Mum am interested in - "Ah, so that's what it's like!". Which isn't to say she's "only" Mum blogging, she's somehow still keeping up with book reviews and photography and her usual fun blogging stuff, as well as meeting me for opera/tea and cake in the park; yet somehow being a Mum on top - stop being so efficient Sarah, you're making the rest of us look bad! ;-)

Ok well please do check out these bloggers who are making me look lazy and sluggish! I'm off to iron some trousers for my July (Yes, I know it's August!) Buyer's Archive, because you can't do a fashion post with wrinkly clothes, apparently! (I do often feel like the Pigpen of blogging with my fashion blogging attempts, what with my slovenly ways!).


  1. Ha ha ha! Thanks! I don't always *feel* efficient! The T-shirt is from Stay Home Club, by the way; Hannah Zakari in Edinburgh has some of their stuff (they're a Canadian brand).

  2. Steff thanks so much for the lovely mention, the #iwillwearwhatilike thing has really taken off! I can't believe so many people have embraced it with such gusto. Leopard print is tomorrow, so tag as many posts as you like (to make up for the lack of crop top postings, haha)!!

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

    1. You've definitely touched a nerve Catherine, great job spreading such positivity about women's fashion choices being nobody's business but our own!

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out!!! I will have to check out these other blogs, I'm always looking to add more to my feed :)

  4. Thank you for mentioning me! I am a fan of leopardskin btw. Have a coat in it but also want shoes and maybe handbag!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out! I just realized I got sucked into browsing these sites and their pinterest pages for about the last 2 hours. Oops.

  6. I have a few more blogs to add to my daily reading. Thanks my dear!