I Think I'm On Another World With You

It's been such a strange/busy old week, so much so that I can't quite wrap my head around how to blog about any of it at the moment, sorry! We packed so much into London, it still feels like yesterday, and yet dreamlike. I saw my favourite band in the world, only for them to (predictably) break up again a few nights later - because of course. Making the whole venture feel poignant and bittersweet and maybe slightly upsetting but also awesomely timed luck wise. Paul Westerberg you know how to break a girl's heart twice in one lifetime, that's for sure!

The Replacements London Roundhouse June 2...

Paul Westerberg...just going to blame my horrifically blurry concert pics on camera and 20 years of anticipation waiting to see them play!

It was a night I will never forget. I may bring myself to write about it later. It was amazing to see so many fans who knew all the words when I've largely been a lone fan in my circle most of my life. To see them play, in another country, 25 years after I first played their music and thought "Who are these guys and why isn't everyone else in LOVE with them?!", was pretty special.

I love them for playing Another Girl Another Planet as their encore, it was the first cover I heard them play on a bootleg tape (yes CASSETTE TAPE I AM OLD!) in college, and it got me even more into their sloppy live covers and crazy messy live antics as a band. So while yes, I would have loved to hear Answering Machine or Here Comes A Regular or any other of the ballads that make grown men cry that the crowd were baying for, them playing that song felt like some message from the universe that I was supposed to be there on that particular night, and indeed when they announced it was over (again) a few nights later, it felt even more apt. Life.

I have had some weird stomach bug since we got back from London. I'm pretty much over it now (it was brief but horrific), but still feel thirsty a lot and mostly want to loaf and feel a bit woeful even though it's sunny and lovely out. I will do a better London post soon, promise. In the meantime here is a picture of a dragon:

Apparently the next episode of Game of Thrones is going to make me weep, so looking forward to that, thanks guys who are writing this season like you've never heard of the blimming books! Grrrr....


  1. I gave up on GoT pretty early because it annoyed me so much how they changed stuff in the books - sometimes for good reason, yes, but often for no reason at all. And don't get me started on their use of violence against women... Yes, the books are bad for that but there is such a thing as being too sensationalist and the TV series crossed that line in about the second episode (or whenever it was they had Dany's marriage and turned a scene that, in the books, is quite a tender and explicitly consensual wedding night, into rape)

    1. I haven't read the books but the o.h. who got me into the show has. I found season one Daenarys story really unpleasant too. And they recently did it again, changing the character from the books to be a victim (again). It's not necessary at all imo but I am too hooked into it now to stop watching.