Sunday Confessions: "I Demand The Finest Wines...."

Sunday Confessions

I'm going to Sunday Confession on a my defense I was in the land of no internet yesterday. But Becky has made this into a week long thing anyway so I guess it's all good! So do join in if you feel like it and link up with her blog to read more Sunday Confessions :-)

1. Had a lovely weekend meeting up with old friends, had a delicious meal out and drinks (oh yes.....too many drinks) on Saturday. I cannae (that's Scots for can not!) stand the pace as they say here (i.e. I can no longer least not the way I used to). I had that moment of "Shall I stop now? Now would be wise" and ignored it. With age does not come wisdom in my case. I will learn my lesson this time? I think it's because we don't really drink much at home, I'm not a "Wine O'Clock" girl really, more like a "Wine, I haven't seen wine in weeks! Give me ALL THE WINE!" type. :-0


Anyway, I was suitably punished for my overindulgence, but I did take this Superdrug Vitamin C "Reviving Effervescent" drink late last night after we got home, and felt much better for it this morning I think. (I read that those celeb hangover IV drips are mostly vitamin C and magnesium which are the main ingredients in this stuff).

2. Come to the sad realization that I am a tech/internet addict. OK that's a bit melodramatic, but a mere weekend without internet really does send me into an awfully grumpy, anxious state. I was salivating for the free wi-fi on the train home, only for it to conk out because we were in the middle of nowhere in Scotland, and found myself stabbing my phone with my finger repeatedly like some tech deprived junkie.

3. I drink too much coffee. This is hardly news, but I really want to cut back on it, it's gotten so that I can't function without half a pot in the morning and that can't be good for me. In the warmer months (ha, it SNOWED yesterday, seriously!), I do drink more iced green tea so I'm going to try to amp that back into the rotation (I know it's still caffeine but it's the good caffeine, right?). ;-0

4.  Did I mention it SNOWED? And I had no winter coat because it's been in the blooming 60's for the past month?! Scotland, honestly, it's a beast!

Hm well that will do I guess.... I am sleepy now...ah to be young again when a two day hangover was a myth!

p.s. Oh I almost forgot....I have a new obsession - his name is Marty. He is a rat. And I kind of (until now) hate rats. Well, when I think of rats I think of giant NYC hybrid monsters, but this little guy has the most adorable Instagram I've ever seen, it's amazingly squee - worthy. His owner is ingenious with his tiny furniture and props  - I defy anyone to look at his little face and not melt!


  1. My sister bought a rat in secret, when she was in high school. She thought our parents would disapprove. She named the rat Coca Cola, and it would rest on shoulder, under her hair. One day, she left the rat there to go eat dinner, thinking the rat would stay under her hair. Of course not. It scampered down to get some food off her plate and we were like oh no! But then we find out our dad liked rats, and had some growing up. Who knew?

    Still snowing??? I don't have to bother with snow, ever, but I've been complaining about the "cold" mornings (in the fifties). Soon I will complain about the heat... if anything, I'm consistent with my weather hate ;)

    1. I had a friend who had a pet rat and it was a nice rat, I just got traumatized by NYC rats I think! As long as it's little and cute like Marty I can deal. That is a funny story, glad she got to keep him! I thought the snow was a fluke, but it's snowing again right now, agh! It's not usual for it to snow so late here, or much at all really compared to most places in America that get a tough winter. At least it won't stick,it's not cold enough. :-)

  2. That instagram feed was so adorable! Thanks for sharing it. Don't feel too bad - it snowed here just a few days ago. Maybe a week? We're still in the 30's/40's most nights.
    Iced green tea? Do you use bags or leaves or what? I have iced tea but I usually drink just black, but green sounds good, too!
    What was the clip from? I found it entertaining and not a little bit weird.

    1. Sorry I should have said, it's from a movie called "Withnail & I", it was very popular over here as a cult student-y type film (husband got me into it). It's a comedy about two young guys living in London who escape to the countryside, it's all very British and weird! You might like it! :-) It's just like you would make normal iced tea, use tea bags but I don't see why you couldn't use loose leaf too if that's how you like to make it. I also tend to use a fruit tea bag or two in the mix and some honey :-) Isn't Marty (and friends) the cutest? I seriously want a rat now!