28 Things for February

It’s February, how did that happen?! It’s often kind of a blah mid-winter month, but it’s short at least! Happy Groundhog's Day America! Oh sure, make fun of our furry critter Mystic Meg weather predictions Britain. Ludicrous we may be, laugh at us all you will, country where people roll down hills with giant blocks of cheese for fun! But it helps pass the time. Oh and there's of course Valentine’s day, which is a bit more cheese. 

Anyway I’m taking a cue from Sarah here, who last month set out a list of 31 "anti-resolutions" - some suggestions of little things to do for each day of the month to help keep this winter malarkey ticking along without the usual resolutions setup for failure/self judgement (do go check out hers for more ideas!). My list is frankly a bit lazy but I’m setting the goalposts low so as to avoid too much disappointment. Some of mine are obviously things I just need or want to do for myself but hopefully some will be things you might want to do too! And seeing as it’s the second of the month already, I’d better get started!

1. Listen to a whole album from start to finish
2.  Watch a movie (I don't know about you, but with all the binge t.v. available I'm watching far fewer films)
3.  Deal with junk e-mail (and piles of actual junk mail): (taken from Sarah)
4. Clean makeup brushes (yeah I'm gross and need reminding of this! or if you're a guy...shaving brush?!)
5.  Do a face mask
6.  Do a Pilates Plank for a minute (or however long challenges you)
7. Wear a skirt. Or something else you wouldn't normally
8.  Update your c.v. (to Americans that's your resume!)
9. Support a cause you believe in, even if it's just signing a petition
10. Invest in new exercise gear
11.Catch up with a friend you haven't spoken to in awhile
12. Spend a whole day with no internet (!) 
13. Cook something new (this one also from Sarah’s list but I like it) 
14. Get a massage or other pampering treat
15.  Buy a new phone/tablet cover to make your old tech-y bits feel new
16. Write a letter
17.  If you're on a diet, have a cheat day
18. Take some pictures outside
19. Watch or listen to something that is in a foreign language
20. Sort out Hobbit feet (this is totally mine, but mid-winter feet everywhere are usually not the best!)
21. Take a long walk outside, even though it's coooold
22. Wear red lipstick (in the daytime!)...(guys, I dunno!)
23. Surprise someone
24. Buy something that's not on sale
25. Thank someone for the little things they do
26. Try something new: Anything!
27. Organize your closet
28.  Do something by yourself that you've never done before, like going to the movies or eating out alone. Or anything! :-)

Ok so there we go. Come on February, you stumpy little month you! Please join me if you feel inclined, or have a go at your own, and let me know how you get on! :-)

As good an excuse as any to watch this classic film!