Slow Carb Slow Down

I’m on day three of a cold, and hoping it has reached peak grotesqueness. My nose is raw, my throat scratchy, and I have reached the worst stage of light-headedness (I hope). My hair is lank despite washing it yesterday, which might not sound weird but I have really big curly hair, it takes a lot to depress it into lankness! Numerous other folk seem to be suffering colds in their Facebook profiles, and rather than chime in with my own woeful plea for virtual sympathy, I will bore you lovely readers!

From the moment the symptoms hit I felt perturbed, inconvenienced. This cold was interrupting my schedule, big time. I was almost two weeks into a low carb diet that was going swimmingly, and knew a cold would throw me off kilter. The early stages of a diet I become so filled with planning, being in control, thinking “I actually must lose 10lbs by Christmas/my birthday or the world will come to an end. Ok maybe nothing quite that dramatic, but it’s been a while since I was able to lose weight and keep it off, and I get stress filled when I actually try.

And this latest attempt, the “Slow carb” or “4 Hour Body” seems in some ways too good to be true. Low carb, which is largely a misery for me, BUT you get a “cheat day” where you can eat whatever you want once a week. After 12 days on the diet I was down 6-7lbs. After two (and a half and counting ) days of “cheating”, or simply being too ill, I am back up two pounds. I physically cannot do low carb when I’m sick, eggs make me nauseous at the best of times. Proteins and vegetables are fine fuel when you’re feeling hale and hearty, but tea without honey and a flu without toast just aren’t things I have the will or self-control for at this stage.

I tried to make an effort to not eat carbs yesterday but failed and started feeling frustrated. Not so much with my failure to eat like Gwyneth Paltrow even in my lowest moments (though I did make homemade chicken soup, which considering my state I was quite pleased with), but more with my own inner judgement being so relentless. I have to work myself into a can do mindset for dieting that in all honesty does not come naturally to me, and having my body derail me in one fell swoop just felt like the universe is conspiring to keep me fat, de-motivate me right when I’m hitting my stride. Why am I so weak, why can’t I be a girl who loses weight when she gets sick instead of gaining weight on tea and toast? Ah deep is my woe, sorry! Anyway I’m currently just going with it and trying to wipe it out with Lemsip. If I re-gain such is life, but I am determined to start again as soon as I feel a bit better, because I did feel like I was on a positive roll

Without getting too zen I think maybe getting this stupid cold was a reminder to slow down, mentally as well as physically. I get borderline obsessive sometimes with food (an understatement but that’s another story), and have to be careful when dieting not to allow old, unhealthy mind sets to set in. It is not physically possible for me to drop weight like I did when I was younger, and slow and steady is going to be the only way forward for me from now on. If that means I need to take a few days off to be sick and eat the carbs my body is craving, then so be it. Bring on the tea and toast and bad rom-coms*, I’ll worry about the rest of it tomorrow to paraphrase Scarlett O’Hara.

*Yesterday it was the movie Valentine’s Day, starring everyone and culminating in nothing – seriously awful! Just made me realize that despite its flaws Love Actually is still the bar setter for the multi-story rom com. Might have to revisit something more tried and trusted today…any suggestions for sappy films to get me through these dark sniffly days appreciated!

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