Pre-Holiday Stress-Mas

I’m in the middle of a bit of pre-holiday chaos so please forgive me if I’m lax with the blogging. Of course nothing ever goes according to plan, so here I sit, surrounded by Christmas cards, because if I don’t do them they won’t get done, even though we agreed we were going to do a bare minimum this year as to be frank the rate of return on the old Christmas card list is a diminishing one every year, so why should we (I) continue to put in the effort? So I go to fill out my pretty new cards, only to find that some sparkly elf at the 
M&S card glue factory fell asleep, the things have no stick whatsoever.

So I’ve run out of tape and am rooting around for old cards I can use only to find that we really probably do not need to buy cards again for the next decade because every year we buy more than we need and now have enough cards to post to everyone we ever met should the need arise!  Does this happen to anyone else? Plus I haven’t got enough stamps, and the new-fangled Argos- style service at the Post Office has guaranteed a clusterf**k at the best of times, never mind the busiest time of the year! Pardon me.

This in the middle of pre-Florida holiday stress, I have no idea what to pack/what fits me anymore because summer in Scotland is kind of joke and I can count on one hand how many times I have worn shorts here, so packing will require much trying on and discarding of things, which I can’t face right now. The temperature has just dropped in Florida (Cry me a river, I hear you say!), but well, this is our one proper holiday a year and it would have been nice if it stayed warmer. Now I have to re-think the whole holiday wardrobe. And the dollar is blooming strong for once against the pound so that means less pennies for us to spend at the most expensive time of year.

On top of that I’m running around trying to figure out how to re-organize my whole wardrobe because we have major damp issues in the flat and the windows are leaking and the winter storms are coming a few days before we fly as usual (ask me about the time we spent 3 hours in a JFK hotel on a 2 day journey thanks to storms), and lovely BA charges you £30 to pre-book your seat (wtf BA!) so I'm nervous I'll be sat next to a smelly stranger who won't appreciate me getting up to go to the loo/stretch my legs every half hour (I had a dvt a few yrs. ago so am a bit paranoid). Plus we are flying out of Glasgow which is another leg of the journey for things to go wrong should the weather decide to get wintry. So I’m feeling just a tiny bit frazzled! Ack. Plus my low carb diet is making me extra grumpy and I’ve stopped losing for no apparent reason, probably stress!

So anyway I guess this will all seem like a blur in a week’s time, hopefully! I shall be lying on a beach (maybe?), posting smug pictures on Facebook of my toes in the sand (I promise not to…maybe ;-), which reminds me I really must wax my legs…and self tan because my skin is transparently egg white toned.  And my roots are looking awful…I’m basically just an (un)hot mess right now!

Guilty pleasure this week: hearing Michael Buble sing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas (I have a love/hate thing with the Buble) and finally starting to feel a tiny bit festive in amongst all the frazzled-ness. And Aberdeen really has stepped up the Christmas lights and window displays, I’m not a huge fan of the city’s new Vegas looking LED Christmas lights but I have seen rather a lot of pretty and fun displays around town. How is your pre-holiday run up going?


  1. I'm sorry things are going so rough. :( But....I do LOVE your writing style and how I can see everything. I could picture the mess of Christmas cards and stamps and glue not sticking and a leaky windows and rain with music in the background very vividly. I could picture a mess of clothes and the weather channel predictions and wondering WTF should I pack for holiday? It sucks that things suck, (whoo - deep, Becky) - but this was a really well written post and I loved reading it.

    1. Oh wow, you are very kind thank you! I was conscious that this post was a bit of a mess but didn't want to neglect the blog entirely! I had so many pre-Christmas blog plans that have fallen by the wayside ;-0 I might write something on vacation as I'm usually up at the crack of dawn thanks to jetlag anyway! :-) x