Blogging Conundrum

(*This post, and all the posts that preceed it, were originally published on my Weebly blog. I moved to Blogger for reasons explained herein!).

I'm having trouble concentrating on blogging this week, because the act of blogging itself is becoming a bit of a kerfuffle. It all started out very simply a couple of weeks ago when I bought a domain name at an outside site. Weebly offer them but they are frankly extortionate. Owning your own domain is seen as somewhat of a necessity even for a hobbyist/novice blogger like myself, so I figured why not, it was cheap. I then went about trying to figure out how to transfer it - not exactly a simple or straightforward process in this particular instance. I used, who make you do the legwork yourself. If you are remotely tech challenged like me it can feel like a tiny bit of a tech mountain.

Finally, yesterday with the help of the hubby, I was ready to proceed. Only there was a roadblock - I had not realized that to transfer an outside domain to Weebly I would need to be a paid Weebly user (I am currently on their free option). This, by the way, was not always the case - apparently until August 2013 anyone could transfer a domain. So now I have a new quandary - do I shell out money for a blog host? I'm a new blogger, but I'm savvy enough to gather my style of blogging is not exactly going to set the blogosphere alight with dollar/pound signs, it's just a bit of fun for me. (Yes I signed up for Google Adsense, just to see if any pennies could be made, but I am not interested in having a blog covered in ads. Not that they're beating down my door!).

At any rate, now I'm wondering if I should take my domain name to a free site like Blogger and start anew - the thought of moving my blog is just a beast though, as there is no straightforward way to do it. I mean there are tutorials, but frankly they make my head spin. I chose Weebly because I'm a blogging dunce, its basic format suits me fine and I've gotten comfortable here. My main option seems to be Blogger, it seems relatively straightforward but does have a few more bells and whistles to contend with. I'm quite irked I can't use my domain name here without shelling out more money, it's not a huge amount but it's not really justifiable either.

Anyway apologies for the tedious nature of this post! I'm stalling making a decision/putting up any more posts here until I know what I'm doing. And maybe if nothing else my taking the wrong turn here as a new blogger will steer others clear of making the same mistake if they wish to blog as cheaply as possible like I do. So I'm confused now...should I stay? Should I move to Blogger? Am I missing some very obvious solution? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


  1. Good luck with this as it goes on. I didn't pay for a custom domain name, but I do enjoy blogger. :)

  2. Thanks :-) I was nervous about making the jump but am slowly getting the hang of it, it is easier in many ways.