Hi. Or that should be HI! as this is my first post, and that's kind of exciting, or a big big hash as to be honest I'm getting to grips with this Weebly format as we speak. It all seems very writer friendly though. So apologies in advance if it's a mess. I can't seem to change the font, if anyone can help with that that would be great!

Anyway why am I here writing a blog? To be honest, I've had a few false starts at blogs before. I would write something and immediately think "that's not the grand idea I require to start a blog!" I always felt like I needed a big concept or at least a tiny bit of focus, as many blogs I enjoy limit themselves to one area. If possible I would like to be a little bit of everything type blog. I mean, I love to write about films, and occasionally I think "Wouldn't it be great to just put up one great (not mine) poem a day on a blog?" But I feel like my attention span would run out of steam. It's more realistic for me to widen my parameters. So sometimes I might just need to write about a particularly insanely good episode of The Good Wife/ or going to see Gone Girl with my husband and watching him silently freak (he hadn't read the book!) at the reveal.Sometimes I just want to write about what I'm thinking because it's too personal/overlong for Twitter (plus I don't really know many of my approximately 200 followers (oh yes I am that popular), so Twitter usually feels more like an exercise in liking funny things complete strangers say. Similiarly, I don't want to annoy people with my ramblings on Facebook. I promise not to gripe about Facebook (much), although what I felt like writing about today, a bit of silly, self indulgent frippery, was just not the sort of thing I do on fb. My sis in law might read it and then my in laws would start asking questions and oh the humanity. Or worse, my mother! Mom's should be banned from Facebook.

A bit about me for anyone interested...I am an American who has lived in Scotland for the past 13 and a half years. I was raised in Virginia and Massachusetts, and lived in and loved NYC for an all too brief 3 years. I met and married my Scottish husband which is how I ended up on this funny little island of tea drinkers and Downton Abbey (which I can only talk about with Americans, every British person I know besides my MIL is so over it). Long ago I thought I should write an expat specific blog, but then I read a few and tbh they were a bit boring. Where I live there are a lot of oil wives who transplant in for a couple of years (um this is gathered from the expat blogs, all of my friends here are actually Scottish), try to acclimate, buy lots of overpriced American food/look for substitutions (not that I haven't done this too, but they seem to spend a vast proportion of their time here re-creating home as much as possible, meeting up with other Americans, etc). They seem to stay very "American" in general, looking at the Scottish culture as a pleasantly quaint stopping point on their journey. Which is understandable, it's just not a perspective I, as a long term resident, relate to much. So I guess this is my long winded way of saying, if I were to go into expat stuff, it probably wouldn't have much in common with any of the expat blogs I have read.

At this point I am less expat, more of a strange blend of two cultures. No one here mistakes me for anything but American, yet my slight lilt and Brit slang causes all American friends and family to exclaim "You sound Scawtish!" in great amusement. I grew up sort of a North/South American mutt though so the experience isn't completely alien. When I go home, to America, that is, it all feels a bit foreign the first few days - everyone is just SO FRIENDLY, and I am taken aback and forget how to politely respond to "Have a nice day!"... "Cheers!" I stutter awkwardly...no that's not what you say in America is it. I think...what is it?..."Thanks you too!" Of course...so simple, so stupid I feel, and they stare at me peculiarly as I forget how to count American change. For someone used to British mutedness it's all SO mortifying. I no longer fit in perfectly anywhere, sure after a couple of weeks I'm re-Americanized to an extent, but then it's time to fly home to the drizzly land of butteries* and the BBC.

Anyway none of this is what I wanted to write about today but I feel I've droned on long enough! Hopefully as things go on I'll be terribly organized and less Bridget Jones scatter shot with my musings...oh who am I kidding (highly recommend Mad About the Boy btw, I postponed reading it because I was so mad about Mark Darcy (sob)), but it's a great, lovely read that reminded me how much I loved the character in the first place. Yes so anyway I may throw in a book or film review/chit chat here and there if anyone has the patience for that sort of thing, that's mainly what I have spent the past few years writing about on other sites so it is a passion. In true Bridget Jones mark 3 style I am debating whether to link this blog to twitter. That seems a bit bold? Maybe I'll just see how things go, hi anyway :-)... and hope to be back soon.

*Butteries in case any Americans are wondering are a Scottish pastry. I think they are mostly made of butter, I dunno, but they're tasty!

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