Best Laid Plans

Well. I just had a post about beauty bargains/freebies get deleted down to user error. (I had started it in Word but got carried away and ended up writing most of it on the blog site – it was all hyper linked and ready to go when I was messing about with a picture and accidentally deleted the whole thing- lesson learned, thanks!).

I will start again. I think maybe the universe is trying to tell me something – write shorter blogs/write about something different? I don’t know. I have a post ready to go but it’s not what I am in the mood to post today. I am making an effort to be organized and give the blog forethought, writing down ideas, looking up how to do html codes (ugh), even making a Pinterest board of Top Tips For Blogging (any excuse!). There is just so much information and tech knowledge to be learned that feels a bit beyond my capabilities at this stage. I’m not under the na├»ve disposition I may have had a few years ago when pondering blogging; i.e. that it’s all just a bit of writing down your thoughts, it must be easy enough to do, surely. Ha. After my tentative first steps and missteps, I have huge respect for bloggers that do this thing well. From those who compartmentalize and focus on one topic to those who manage to bring a cohesive site together under the umbrella of many ideas and make it look easy, I bow down. For the time being if anyone is patient enough to stick with my fumbling around it’s greatly appreciated!

So, since I don’t have the will to rewrite my beauty bargain hunt post at the moment, I will try to think of something short and sweet. Hmm… Off the cuff writing is hard y’all. Ok. So….hm... Anyone else still watching Downton Abbey? Oh that hasn’t aired in America yet, I won’t spoil it for you, unlike those of us in Britain, who have nearly every show under the sun spoiled before it airs here, even if we try to avoid spoilers and twitter trends and Facebook. I will say I am enjoying this season more than last year, it’s much less dreary and Lady Mary has her mojo back. Since we’re talking television, I’ll mention a few new (to me) shows that I have recently discovered through Amazon Prime (like Netflix, kind of – different shows, arguably less “hot” shows like Breaking Bad, but a good back catalogue of things you’ve maybe missed and a decent amount of new films).

Community: So good. It takes a few episodes to get into, but it’s a dryly wacky, often“meta”* ensemble comedy that also weirdly has a heart. I say weirdly, what I mean is it's a good thing, it's just different from most British comedies, which tend to shy away from any hint of emotion or sentiment when trying to tickle the funny bone...lately, anyway. It’s about a study group of older students who become unlikely friends at a community college. I’m still on season one, and I know it has had a lot of dramatic turns with Chevy Chase and the original creator being fired (though have heard he is coming back), but I’ll see how it goes. The characters are offbeat but feel real, and there is no laugh track, because it doesn't need one. They have all of the seasons available with the Prime account.

The Office (American version): So far they only have the first five seasons, which is kind of lame as it’s been off air for a while, but it’s so worth a re-watch, plus we missed quite a few because it was aired very sporadically here. Michael Scott is such a comic work of art, Steve Carrell deserved every plaudit he received and then some. Rainn Wilson is painfully funny as lovable weirdo Dwight, and I <3 Jim & Pam.

Mad Men: Seasons 1-4: This was a re-watch, we only started buying the dvd’s after Sky ripped it away from the BBC after season 4, so it lined up perfectly. If you’re a longtime fan of the show it really is quite an intense and impressive thing to go back to the start many years later. I forgot so many things, like little Sally Draper and her adorable lisp! From Peggy finding her feet against all the odds of office sexism to Don behaving…well, exactly the way Don always behaves. Everything is just so detailed, from the natural evolution of the fashion and music to the mesmeric storytelling, with New York City slowly becoming a darker place to live in with the passing of the years. I feel like Mad Men has been unfairly overshadowed in the past few years, and if for some reason you missed it it’s definitely worth catching up with before they eventually air the rest of season 7 (which I haven’t seen the first half of yet).

Lost: Hm. Not going to lie, I’m struggling to get back into this. I’m currently trying to pick up where I left off, in the second to last season, a few years after seeing any of it, and it has been too much of a convoluted maze for me to cope with. We’re time travelling, we’re on the island, we’re off the island, there’s the weird man who never ages… I fear I have to go back to the start, which I can’t deal with right now. Husband keeps falling asleep during it – will we ever find out how it ends? Not looking likely! Hard to believe this show was once one of my favorites. I think I’d rather watch Twin Peaks (available free on Prime) again before it comes back on (YES!…my letter writing campaign of 1991 has clearly paid off, I fully expect Claire Danes to step away from Homeland soon for a My So Called Life sequel as well).

Grey's Anatomy: Do I need to explain? Total guilty pleasure veg out t.v. All but the most recent series have been recently added. There are newer, quirkier choices on Amazon to be sure, but sometimes you just want something that's got that comfort factor on a chilly autumn night. Something about Seattle's constant rain always reminds me of Scotland too! Plus it has an actual Scottish person it, Kevin McKidd.

I do recommend Amazon Prime if you are stuck for things to watch/have run out of Netflix options. They have a pretty impressive library as well as several unique to Amazon programs, (also they will soon be airing Ripper Street with first airing rights over the daft BBC that tried to cancel it in the first place). Also included with the annual fee are free one day(ish) shipping, and access to the Kindle library (which I haven’t actually tried yet). Thanks for reading :-)

* I include the urban slang definition of "meta" because I am an old lady who didn't know what it meant until recently. I still don't know what "bae" means either (#generationx... #clueless).

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